About Karen Habegger

Greetings everybody!

As the owner and founder of Musical Designs, I want to welcome you to our site: I’m glad you’re here! To let you know a little something about me, I grew up in Ohio and graduated from Bowling Green State University with a bachelor's degree in music composition. One of my favorite subjects in college was Aural Skills, believe it not --- I just love to figure out melodies and chord progressions!  In addition to many years of private piano and violin lessons, my musical background also includes choral and orchestral service as well as composing and arranging.

My husband, Greg, and I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1985.  We have two daughters, Kelly and Keri, and they were the inspiration behind our decision to launch Musical Designs back in 2001. Both girls were competitive gymnasts for many years, and I remember well the countless hours that were spent searching for floor music.  It seemed almost never-ending sometimes!  It is my hope that through musical-designs.com, today’s gymnasts and parents will find their floor music search to be much easier. Listen to demos online!

In addition to my family's continued love and support, the amount of encouragement that I've received from friends, customers, and business contacts over the years is very much appreciated.

Thank you all very much!
Karen Habegger, Musical Designs

Karen Habegger, Musical Designs


While working to build Musical Designs, some of my other musical activities currently include / have included:

Whitefield Academy: (2014-15, 2015-16, and 2016-2017 school years) Under the direction of Steve Henson, accompanying the Lower School chorale and the student choruses is always a lot of fun ... these kids are precious. And extremely talented!

Groove Tunes Studios: During the last several months of 2014 on into 2015, I worked with a local recording studio to produce one of my original compositions entitled "There's Only One". It's a choral piece with some pretty cool rhythms and harmonies (well, I think they're cool anyway)! To learn more about Groove Tunes Studios, click here.

Update as of November 2015: "There's Only One" is done - yay! If you're interested in hearing it, either shoot me an email or facebook me with your email address and I'll be happy to send you the mp3.  Thank you!

T.C. Roberson High School Choruses: Under the direction of Aleisa Baker, I was privileged to accompany the various ensembles that competed at the WorldStrides Heritage Festival in the spring of 2015.

Georgia Philharmonic: It was an honor to be a part of this wonderful orchestra during their 2013-2014 season. In the picture below, I'm one of the faces you can sort of see in the 2nd violin section. To learn more about the Georgia Philharmonic, click here.

Georgia Philharmonic: click to enlarge

Community Bible Church: As both a keyboardist and a violinist, I've been privileged to play for some of their 2012-2017 special events and Sunday morning services. In the picture below, I'm playing the keyboard while Corrie and Steve are leading worship. Click here to learn more about CBC's ministry.

Community Bible Church: click to enlarge

Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta: From 2012 - 2016, I was invited to play background piano music for their annual Family Christmas parties. What a great opportunity!

Allatoona High School Choruses: Under the direction of Thomas Chafin, accompanying the prestigious AHS Choruses for their 2012 Winter Concert was both challenging and very rewarding! In the spring semester of 2014, I was happy to be invited back to accompany them again.

Mount Paran Church: After singing alto in the choir for 2-1/2 years, I switched over to the orchestra in 2007. For several years, I played keyboard strings in the first service and violin in the second service; eventually I played the violin in both morning services. For many years, I also served as orchestra librarian and every now and then I was called upon to play piano as a rehearsal accompanist. If you'd like to watch one of our Sunday morning services online, here's the website: mountparan.com. In the picture below, taken in February 2013, I'm standing in front of our very talented bassoonist.

Mt. Paran Orchestra: click to enlarge

Chick-fil-A of Canton: Whether it was playing Christmas carols for their lunch-time crowd or special music for Daddy-Daughter Date Night, I always enjoyed playing background music at Chick-fil-A! I would set up my keyboard over in a corner and just play to my heart's content, and of course, I usually ended up playing many selections à la Stan Whitmire, a friend and a very gifted pianist. Just a quick side note about Stan: he won a Dove Award in 2010 (Instrumental Album of the Year) and then 2 more in 2012! (Instrumental Album of the Year and Choral Collection of the Year). For those of you who enjoy internet radio, Stan's recordings can be heard on Pandora; you can also visit his website at stanwhitmire.com. By the way, Musical Designs sells a floor music version of Stan's very animated arrangement of "Goodbye, World, Goodbye" (listen to a 0:30 clip).

Chick-fil-A: click to enlarge

Reinhardt University Symphony Orchestra: From the Fall of 2008 through the Fall of 2009, I played in the 2nd violin section. Here's a picture from our 11/24/08 concert ... if you look very closely, you'll find me in the back of the section, the 3rd person in from the end.

Reinhardt Orchestra: click to enlarge

Spin Classes at Lifetime Fitness. Besides being a great workout, I got a LOT of musical inspiration from these classes! At my peak back around 2010-2011, I would usually spin 2-3 times a week (so just think of how inspired I was)!

In addition to the above, I've enjoyed accompanying other choral groups, vocalists, and instrumentalists for their competitions, recitals, and special events!