About Musical Designs

Musical Designs was formed in 2001 to provide floor routine music for the sport of gymnastics. We started out by serving gymnasts in the Atlanta area, and over the years our customers have granted us not only a national presence, but one that is worldwide as well. To each and every one of you, we want to say thank you!

Here at Musical Designs, our focus is to produce gymnastics music that’s both contemporary and unique. The more we look around, the more we discover how many wonderful songs are out there just waiting to be turned into exciting floor music arrangements! You’ll find some of them right here, too, so please be sure to check out our Song List page.

We want you to know that customer service is our number one priority: without you, there would be no us. Therefore, we take your suggestions seriously, and your feedback is very important. We hope you’ll send an email or give us a call any time - we look forward to hearing from you! Musical Designs wants to 
         hear from you!

Musical Designs